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This hour-long interactive program will instill the positive belief in children that they can write, make music, be an artist, and really create! Rooster’s program uses both voice and instrument to reach children because he realizes that different children respond to different art forms. Regardless of the medium, his message is clear: the ability to read is the power to succeed, and the power to create lies within each of us. Rooster’s program emphasizes that reading is great fun while generating interest in the entire creative process. During the program, Rooster will interact with the audience by asking volunteers to help him perform some of the most popular songs from the Axle Galench series. He will also perform readings from his books bringing the characters to life with his amazing voice abilities. The intriguing and compelling story of Axle Galench will become a personal experience as the audience enters into the saga of this little boy’s journey into the land of Bedlam. Targeted audience is 1st grade to adult.


Other Programs and Workshops


Family Fun Night: Rooster will do an evening performance at schools, conferences, camps, and libraries that will include readings, songs, fiddle playing, and a special message to the adults about how important and long-lasting the joy of reading with your children can be. There is an additional fee for an evening program. Check with the booking agency for details.


Teaching with Literature: Rooster will speak to teachers about how he uses voices, music, and poetry to capture the children’s attention. Rooster firmly believes that if a child enjoys an activity, they are more likely to repeat that activity. Rooster will also introduce the audience to the curriculum guides developed for each of his books. These are excellent resources for teachers that use classroom or literacy sets. This workshop will include readings, songs, and poetry along with tips, and of course, lots of laughs!


Classroom Visits: Rooster will visit classrooms if the children are prepared with questions and are familiar with Rooster’s books. Rooster will talk with the students about how he comes up with ideas, how he deals with the blank page syndrome, and how he lends voice to his stories. Classroom visits are best for 4th grade and up. There is an additional fee for classroom visits—check with the booking agency for details.


Writing Workshops: Rooster developed a writing workshops to help kids when they "can't think of anything to write." According to TEA, 4th grade students have difficulty getting the first draft of a story down on paper. Rooster addresses this with his Turning Prompts into Questions and his List on the Left technique. The workshop is a 90-minute session that results in a written essay.


Read Quotes from the Audience

Fees & Expenses  
 Fees & Expenses for 2011-2012
Full day: $1,500
(includes four programs/workshops)

Author prefers to have two to four days of visits if travel is required. (Discounts apply.) Days can be split between two schools.


Travel, hotel, and meals are not charged if booking is within 120 miles of Rooster's home in Rockdale, Texas.

Students must see the reading program before participating in the writing workshop.

Book Sales
Book sales are encouraged but not required.

Author Visit via Video Conference  

Reading program (interactive):$100
Reading program (view only):$50

All video conference participants receive a copy of The Gate of No Return and accompanying curriculum.

Reading Program & Writing Workshop

View Only: $125



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Performance Fees: $1,500
Expenses: Travel and Hotel
Discounts: Ask the booking agent for details.
Contact Information Jody Logsdon 800-866-2685 or jody at laid-back dot com

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